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We can scan your site once
We can scan your site monthly
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Single Scan
Single SEO/Tech Scan
Great for a Gut Check
Find Broken Links/Images
Compitetion Check
Monthly Subscription
Monthly Scan
 Monitor your Search Rankings
Monitor Search Factor Changes
Monitor for modified pages
45 min Call with an expert!
We speak the tech for you
Speek Geek to your Web Tech
Speek Geek to your SEO Agency
Explain the report in "human"

Tech Audit, what do we check?

Errors 403, 404, 500, 503, 504, Not Responding pages, Critical HTML errors and Multiple redirects!

W3C HTML Validator, Lost images, Lost JS, Lost CSS, Lost files, Large pages

Multiple TITLE tags, DESCRIPTION tags, KEYWORDS tags, H1 tags and Common Duplicate Content Issues

Mobile HTML optimization, Page speed time, HTML size optimization, SSL Certificate Checker

Checks for Blacklist, Cloaking, World Wide Access, Search Engine Blocking, and Browser Blocking